Use Cases

Callversational Voice Bots

Automate your telephone service - with talking bots.

With Callversational, conventional telephone numbers are  intelligently automated. No answering machine, but a voice bot that, for example, automatically resolves or receives fault messages from the caller, coordinates appointments, processes orders, connects the caller to the right person and much more.

With the Ubitec Bot Framework as the basis, we offer a modern  end-to-end service from a single source.

It takes  no more than 1 week  from the first idea  to live operation. Existing telephone numbers can continue to be used or new numbers can be created. Content is created individually with the customer and can be adapted at any time without specific specialist knowledge.

End-to-end automated telephone service within a voice bot

In use in all areas and industries



Free up time for valuable work and automate repetitive conversation processes.

Available 24/7

Offer better customer service than with overworked employees or waiting queues - all the time.

Customer service

Make your business service oriented. Secure it against work interruptions caused by force majeure.

Adjust content at any time

Be individual and faster than the competition. In this way, you can secure a sustainable lead.