Use Cases

IT Support

No more tickets for standard tasks

A company's  IT and infrastructure  in particular is characterized by a  high level of complexity. Changes usually happen in the background. This process is relevant for employees who work in the business areas when they have to work with it. Because only in the rarest of cases does this knowledge form part of the core know-how of all team members.

In particular, questions to the IT service desk are often repetitive. Examples are:

  • Reset passwords
  • Activate user accounts
  • Request hardware
  • Answer questions about system functions

An internal  chatbot, which can answer these questions to the  employee 24/7, relieves your IT workers.

Chatbots perform your standard tasks

In use in all areas and industries


Manage users

New employees need the necessary access. For existing employees, passwords expire or something similar where a chatbot can help.

Create tickets

Not everything can and should be automated. In such cases, the bot qualified the task and assigns it to the appropriate employee.

Support RPA

Assign questions from users to automated processes, start them and support them in processing. This can also be done in combination with third-party systems.

Common questions

A chatbot can provide direct help with tasks or general questions on specific topics, contact persons and much more.