Ubitec Bot Framework

The Ubitec Bot Framework contains all the ingredients needed to develop chatbots that meet individual requirements.

Multi-NLU On-Premise Expandable Performant

Building and operating chatbots requires more than the use of artificial intelligence. Content has to be maintained, answers designed, and conversations checked. In the end, all data must be statistically and qualitatively evaluated and appropriate adjustments made.

Stable and secure operation on servers in your data center must also be ensured. Backup scenarios, secure access to the systems, reliability and scalability are just as important as the security of regularly performed independent penetration tests.

The Ubitec Bot Framework includes all the necessary components and mechanisms to ensure the orderly and efficient construction and operation of your chatbot:

Operating environment

The Ubitec Bot Framework is geared towards on-premise operation and comes with the entire toolset that is needed to operate a chatbot.

Standard environments

The Ubitec Bot Framework is built on Docker and also supports Kubernetes (OpenShift). This means that no special operating environment is required and can be operated in any data center without any problems.

Interchangeable components

Although the Ubitec Bot Framework is delivered as a complete system, individual requirements can of course be met, e.g. API integrations, authentication or customer-specific reporting.


The Ubitec Bot Framework is designed to manage content yourself and to integrate with third-party sources (CMS systems, knowledge databases, APIs, etc.). The NLU used is also interchangeable.


The Ubitec Bot Framework is designed for performance. At the same time, it is optimized for operation on standard server hardware and software in terms of resource use.


All necessary databases are already integrated in the Ubitec Bot Framework, so that no external database clusters are necessary. The use of existing databases is also supported.


Compared to many other systems, technical and content deployments are completely separated in order to avoid dependencies and to be able to react quickly with regard to content.

Backup & Restore

Backup scenarios are also set up in the standard configuration. These can also be adapted and exchanged in all respects.


The most important key figures and content analyses are an integral part of the framework. Individual evaluations and periodic reports as e.g. Excel or CSV files are also possible.

Chatbot CMS

To build content quickly and intuitively, our integrated, browser-based chatbot content management system (CMS) serves as a flexible basis for managing questions, answers, dialogs and media, among other things.


There is more then supporting different channels. For one and the same question, different answers can be stored per channel.


Customer-specific test sets can be created to ensure that the correct answers are given to certain questions.


The individual components of the Ubitec Bot Framework contribute to a holistic, forward-looking and flexible solution. The technical flexibility enables a quick response to new technologies, such as new machine learning components.


No matter which NLU is used, the Ubitec Bot Framework supports all common solutions, such as Rasa NLU, IBM Watson and Google Dialogflow etc. A change of a NLU including data migration is also supported.

Speech to Text

Speech to Text is also supported on premise for e.g. German and English. Full individualization of the language models is also available.


Handover into e.g. a live chat is supported - either in connection with third party solutions like Avaya Oceana and Genesys, or also with the integrated Ubitec Contact Center solution.

This allows bots to operate efficiently without having to worry about data protection, maintenance and editorial monitoring. Our technicians support the installation and maintenance of the system so that the services can be rolled out in a highly available and scalable manner.

Modern architecture and advanced features.

Modular design

All components are packaged in Docker images and guarantee a clean, high-performance and safe running environment. This means that new features can simply be "configured".

Development support

Either we develop for you, you develop it yourself, or we help you as far as you need it. Our technicians will help you adapt your chatbots perfectly to your circumstances!

Intuitive interfaces

The specially developed editorial interfaces enable easy and understandable work, as well as full customization for customer-specific requirements.

Deployment included

With Docker as the basis, the system can be deployed flexibly on a wide variety of infrastructures. Updatability and scalability have top priority.

100% future-proof. Integration capability, expandability and data sovereignty.