Use Cases

FAQs as a static HTML

Make bot content visible to users and search engines.

Creating and maintaining chatbot content (questions, answers, dialogues, etc.) means editorial effort. With the help of the Ubitec Bot Framework, the created content can be used multiple times in order to generate maximum benefit:

  • Content, which the chatbot displays, also becomes visible for search engines. This has a positive effect on the Google ranking of your website.
  • On the other hand, content only needs to be edited in one place - and not separately in the chatbot and the website.
  • Answers can be formulated differently for the chatbot and for the FAQs.

For example, questions and answers provided by the chatbot can also be integrated into your website as an FAQ page.

If editors notice in the chatbot that the same question is asked often, a new answer to it can also be imported into the FAQ area of your website at the same time in order to generate double the value from the editorial work.

FAQs des Chatbots Justitia
FAQs from JustizOnline are fed from the "Justitia" chatbot

In use in the private and public sectors.


Maintain content centrally

Content can be maintained and adjusted from one point for chatbot and FAQ at the same time. This saves time and provides structure for editorial work.

Search engine visibility

Content on a website is visible to search engines - that of chatbots is not. The more user-relevant information you can find on your website, the better your Google ranking.


A different answer may be necessary to the same question in different channels, e.g. Text vs. voice response or privacy policy.

Use content multiple times

The creation of the content for the chatbot and website can be done in one step. This saves employees time and effort.