"Charlie" Chatbot of the Upper Austrian Government

Screenshot von Chatbot Charlie
Screenshot of "Charlie" on the intranet of the Upper Austria Government

The chatbot "Charlie" is used as an internal application in the province of Upper Austria. A particular focus is on solving problems and questions relating to authorization and card management.

"Charlie" is directly integrated into the intranet and is thus available to all employees via single sign-on. One of the functions allows support tickets to be submitted using the chatbot.

"Charlie" can do even more

Another feature is the dynamic browsing of the internal address directory for ticket support. This makes contact data for colleagues and specialist managers immediately available on a context-specific basis.


Automatic User Recognition

"Charlie" recognizes a user by their login (single sign-on) and can then reflect information to the employee with personalized texts and actions.

Automated Processes

Various processes can be easily automated. For example, the creation of support tickets or the retrieval of dynamic data from the phone book.

Independent Care

The service team of the Province of Upper Austria maintains the contents of "Charlie" independently, and can thus carry out adjustments and extensions flexibly and quickly.

Modern Service

A modern service channel that meets innovative expectations and can be used 24/7 by all employees in a barrier-free and intuitive manner. Directly integrated into the portal of the province of Upper Austria and mobile usable.

Professional tools. Take your chatbot to the next level.