«Stiegelmeyer Ratgeber» Innovative B2B Advice Chatbot

The chatbot "Stiegelmeyer Ratgeber" of the Stiegelmeyer Group is an innovative B2B advice channel that is available to customers around the clock. In this channel, customers receive assistance and information about Stiegelmeyer's products - in addition, the chatbot also functions as a service bot, as it provides operating instructions and assistance.

Multilingual content

The advice chatbot is bilingual and can help in English as well as German.

Comprehensive information

Whether it's the history of Stiegelmeyer or information for potential applicants: Stiegelmeyer's chatbot provides a wide range of information.

Purchasing assistance

In addition to the advice system, a key component of the chatbot is a store navigation aid: Here, customers receive support for ordering & purchasing and can find out more details about individual products.


Service of the future

The store navigation and the advice system pave the way for future-proof and innovative customer service. The chatbot also provides information around the clock and thus also relieves Stiegelmeyer's employees.

E-commerce optimization

The path from product selection to purchase completion - the Stiegelmeyer chatbot supports all e-commerce processes.


The service bot also makes all content available digitally. This in turn supports data maintenance and provides employees with an important knowledge database.

Growing content

The Stiegelmeyer team is constantly expanding the content, so the chatbot is always up to date.

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